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Love Poem: Sending a unicorn to PD
apoorva patrikar Avatar
Written by: apoorva patrikar

Sending a unicorn to PD

(This one's from God's POV:)

Dear Unicorn, 
I never sent you on earth,
'Cuz I was afraid of what they'll do to you

But on October 7th, I'll set you free
You know why! It's PD's birthday!!
Go to her, give her your charm
One little visit won't do you any harm!

Embrace her, love her, Oh boy!
Let her cuddle like you're a soft toy
Peek at her with your lovely big eyes
Give her the wish of no sad 'goodbye's

Give her some magic
Like the one she has in her PS words
Give her a hug
And make the birds
Sing a happy birthday song for her :)

Dear unicorn, go to PD
Give her all the love,
Give her all the happiness,
And only then return home.