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Love Poem: Oh Naija
Bishop Ezeh Avatar
Written by: Bishop Ezeh

Oh Naija

Tired, weary eyes
Seen enough to rest forever
Time yet short spent
Longer bleak years yet to face
Do loaded ears hear?  

So, float in ecstasy, Eldorado
Hard long labor of the past punish
Reality of failed plans torment
Roads known from old vanished  
How will the song be sung?

The vulture has berthed 
Copious carcasses waiting to be carted 
Shells emptied and drained
Served on Nigerian high rock
Did you ask the legs to run?

Acumen and sanity served for desert
Whereas the ancestors and I bestowed the ‘Offor’
Authority to lead, serve and control
The mace now breaks the people’s skulls
Where will I find the hat to think?

Land of Utopia!