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Love Poem: Nuptial Vows And Bliss

Nuptial Vows And Bliss

P-erfect nuptial vows and bliss
A-re approved neath the heaven; 
B-ride and groom are one, 
L-et their hearts be


P-ure nuptial vows and bliss
U-se the words of love; 
R-ighteousness they learn
I-s from the Father above.
T-he fifty-third anniversary of their marriage has come; 
A-ll through their lives, the couple are not numb.

A-s the children remember them
S-eptember fifth Tuesday; 
U-nder the wide blue sky, 
N-o cloud has turned gray.
C-ommitted until forever
I-s the partners' promise; 
O-ne faith and one trust make
N-uptial vows and bliss.