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Love Poem: Love is staying in love
Krish Radhakrishna Avatar
Written by: Krish Radhakrishna

Love is staying in love

Miss the pleasure of that warm hug,
When together were locked in arms,
Chest against chest in a love tug,
one heart to another heart warms!

Miss those flowery soft kisses,
that delight of the touch of skin
Holding of hands, dreamy wishes,
and dancing with you chin to chin.

Miss romantic candle dinner,
near our favourite beech resort,
cuddling near fire in winter, 
near cool fountain when summer’s hot!

Miss all of those lovely moments,
but dear love please don’t lose your heart,
isolation strongly cements,
distance can not keep us apart!

Isolation Philosophy poetry contest
Sponsor Chantelle Anne Cooke 
Written 30/07/2020