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Love Poem: Leave, Go To Her
Country Girl48 Avatar
Written by: Country Girl48

Leave, Go To Her

Why kiss me, when it's meant for her?
Why hug me, when your arms want to be around her and not me?
Why make love to me, when you're picturing me as her to be?
Why say, "I love you" when your heart doesn't belong to me?

Oh, those eyes say it all, it tells when you lie,
It tells when you no longer want to try.
They really don't want you there, want to say goodbye.
They say it all, so again, why try?
Author Notes

You abused our kiss to abduct me
and held my voice captive in your mouth.
Your eyes latched at my sanity
sneakily stealing the last bit of sense. - When titles Fall by Eric56(
© Melanie . All rights reserved, 2 days ago