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Love Poem: Knight the Butler
Izzy Gumbo Avatar
Written by: Izzy Gumbo

Knight the Butler

Knight the Butler said the Chef
A civilized relation of One do exist.
This Time of laying the Measure
Means of One to Many a Treasure.
Bird songs of the same feather
weather storms of fright to light
the heather and again, come the
day we remember. Who we are.

I got your number.Gentleman. ;) WO!
you talkin' to MOi?

Was a Sumer of sixty eight and
Mother said wait. So I did.
Earthly measure stares around
Megalithic Yard stands in ground
Tunes of Earth do here a sound
EarS.< 3T! Cares.We hear.

What's a you ask?
a guide.uh?