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Love Poem: Facebook Love
Caren Krutsinger Avatar
Written by: Caren Krutsinger

Facebook Love

I threw up at one o’clock.
I hurled again at two. 
I threw up banana, an ugly color yellow.
I threw up eggplant, and it landed on some non-fellow.

So sorry, I gulped, as un-tasty bread slithered down.
My raw throat has now turned a putrid, ugly brown.

And please,  please, don’t put this out on Facebook, Sweet  barely-know-you-cousin of mine.
Beause if you do, this tightly held relationship is at the end of the line.

In a little honorary text six seconds later, I read,“That was absolutely one hundred percent so mean.”
I could picture the idiot laughing and dancing all the way to her even dumber computer machine.