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Love Poem: Evil Angel pt.3
James Kelley Avatar
Written by: James Kelley

Evil Angel pt.3

It's hard to toss and turn
under blood stained stars.

Bodies of stone
....always wanting more.

Her kisses are of fiery ice,
stinging my core.

I shudder at the thought of her gone.

...But she always returns to me.

Addicted to her hedonistic ways,
I savor every burning moment.

"Kiss me again,

Evil Angel. I am your monolith of pain."

Nightmares filled with lusting fury,
She makes me take her every night
.....Only to leave me soaked in her scent.

With only memories to hold on to.

Writhing in this void

....I beg her to return.

Find me before the dark and I become one.

Let me escape 

....If only for a moment,
in the heart of her embrace.

"Fly to me Evil Angel

.....Kiss me, or let me die."

-James Kelley 2010©