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Love Poem: Evicted Love
Vonetta Broussard Avatar
Written by: Vonetta Broussard

Evicted Love

The scent of your cologne,
still lingers in my bed.
Trying to forget you,
but remembering everything said.
Together forever, was how 
it was supposed to be.
Lies devoured happiness.
We ended in a fantasy.
Now tears soak my pillow,
to dissolve all the pain.
And told my family
not to mention your name.
I took your pictures down
and stopped answering your calls.
Because of your temper 
I have to fix 
the holes in my wall.
Why did you say
you loved me?
When you didn't love me at all.
I put your things outside,
so don't knock on my door.
Go find you a new love
cause you don't live here anymore.