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EVERYWHERE If you need someone to comfort you, think of me, I am always close. The sun itself is my smile, each day of light, my whispered prayers for you Each rising dawn my morning kiss to your cheeks, a subtle brush of rosy glow. Each blossom swell my pulling lure, their scents thug not wanting to let go. Each songbird's tweet my song an invitation for you to sing along. Each gust of wind, my playful loving caress reminding you how much I care. Each raindrop my cleansing cry, let it be, as soon they will run dry. Each setting sun my restful hug blowing you wishes of good nights. Each star in the evening sky my lit of hope to your darkest hours. Each falling tear my warning sign for you to come come back to me. So don't you ever say you're alone when everyday is made of me. Stop. Glance around. and Listen. Do not ever forget, I am everywhere.... E V E R Y W H E R E. © O.E. Guillermo 10:30pm, October 14, 2014 ****Christian