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Love Poem: Everytime the ink flows
Jeremy Moore Avatar
Written by: Jeremy Moore

Everytime the ink flows

Everytime the ink flows
Its because I’m feeling low
This girl has me dancing on my toes
She broke my heart, I guess it’s the way the story goes
Another day 
Another knife
I cant seem to get through this life
Without the pain
It’s a wonder that I’m still sane
I’m drowning in this freezing rain
And what’s left of me is slipping down the drain
Falling into an endless pit
Sometimes I wonder if I should just quit
Around the corner is just another bend
So I can be stabbed in the back by another friend
They whisper words but its just the wind
Flowing through my head
Going against what they just said
When I needed they turned and fled
And left me in the cold for dead
Everything that was before
Is just another page that this girl tore
Leaving it on the dirty floor
Another scar to add to the list
Cut there by a last kiss
Just Another memory that ill miss
It times like these I wonder if it was worth it
I curse it
Filled with resentment 
And I nurse it
Will it ever be the same
Or was it just a game
To be played
Another hardened boy to be made