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Love Poem: Everytime it Rains
Timothy Willard Avatar
Written by: Timothy Willard

Everytime it Rains

Every time it rains...
I remember summer nights and feel your pain.
Clouds form under Angel's eyes,
They cradle you inside their wings.
Tear drops fall with prayers,
I'd give anything to start this over.

It appears I'm sleeping with the light on again.
(so alone, trapped inside that room)
Company shining from behind the lamp shade.
(and it feels no ones coming home.)
Lost inside that garden,
(Blood letters, scribed in solitude.)
Turning to that fractured looking glass.
(hoping for some clarity.)
Could I possibly look back?
( My lord the wolves are chasing me!)

Gray skies break once more,
Revealing sorrow through open wounds.
We've built our lives on blind chance,
A guess on which door to open next.
For now everyone is locked.

You've been a thousand miles away before,
You returned with spring.. The memories..
I will never again lose sight of the flowers,
I once saw bloom in your embrace.
Like the dreams when you showed me how to feel alive.
(I saw visions of the future, I could swear I saw you standing there)
Bringing in the morning sun with a rose in your hair.
( I saw beauty in the shape of a smile)

Remembering an angellic face,
I saw you walk through the front door,
but I'm still waiting for your return.
I've written all these songs for you.
(are you still a few words away?)
So many nights we've shared before.
(Please don't tell me every one was spent in vain)
After all I've wrote this song for you.

I would take the sun from my sky and place it above yours,
even if it burned like hell putting it there.
And I'd pretend it didn't hurt,
Just so I didn't interrupt your smile.
I'd do anything to say I tried,
Even if i was blind.
The truth is i did nothing.
(You showed me love through your heart holding mine)

I would change if you told me I could breathe,
My lungs forget to work every time I try.