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Love Poem: Everytime I'm Sad
Jodie Williams Avatar
Written by: Jodie Williams

Everytime I'm Sad

I want to say you're silly and perhaps a little mad
Infact, you're effing cuckoo because everytime I'm sad
You always make me laugh til I pee my girlie knickers
I believe the sense in you comes in waves and flickers
And everytime I fall you're as constant as the ground
You walk me to the edge to say 'its a frikkin long way down' 
You pull me back to safety as the rocks begin to crumble 
But giggle like a doofus when I trip and stumble 
Your humour has no boundaries, you're just as sick as I 
You make me want to put cocktail sticks in my eyes 
You rip my lack of boobies, love my sheer vulgarity
You send me filthy pictures of parts I shouldn't see
You do all this because you just love to see me laugh
At the risk of sounding cheesy you're the best mate one could have

That's why I keep this secret, 
This tiny bit of truth,
That everytime
I'm sad and whine
It's because I can't have you