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Love Poem: Everything to Me
Daron Long Avatar
Written by: Daron Long

Everything to Me

When all my demons are knocking at my door
I know you’ll keep them out
I know you’ll save me from myself
You’re everything I always dreamed I could be
You’re everything I ever wanted to achieve 
When I stand with you
I can make it through
When you’re here with me,
I know I can be
You’re the star in my sky
The sea to my shore
If I have you,
I need nothing more
When I try to let go
you let me know
that you love me
and then I can finally see
life isn’t how I make it seem
When it’s all too much
for me to bear
you show up
and tell me that you still care
You’re my favorite dream
You’re what I need
You’re what I want
You’re everything I want to be
You’re everything to me
You’re how I live
You’re how I breathe
You’re what I need to be
Don’t you see,
You’re everything to me?