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Love Poem: Everything real comes straight from the heart
sandy schermerhorn Avatar
Written by: sandy schermerhorn

Everything real comes straight from the heart

If you would take the time to look inside my heart
You will see the very reasons why I believe we should've never been torn apart
If you look deeply into my eyes
You will then clearly see, understand, and realize
That never will you ever have anything to hide
And we have secretly been always right there by one anothers side

Now search in your soul
When it's me you still find there, you will need to search no more
I'm still there as I was years before
The emotions, feelings, and intensity is there and just as strong as ever
Being bound as one is something that you and I could just not quite sever
You had my heart, my very soul from the day we met, and you will have me forever

When we walked away from each other years ago, to myself and to you, I lied
I said I could walk away, forget you, and that I didn't need to be by your side
I swear I thought I would completely be able to survive
All I succeeded in was pushing down how I felt, allowing my feelings for you to hide
I thought I had put out that flame inside
The fire is stronger than ever, emotions are what I succumb to and willingly abide

We may have thought it was over
We may have believed that we no longer for the other cared
It's time we both now become sober
And our hearts and souls bared
We need to stop taking what we think is love in vain
And I know that you feel the same

What I'm saying to you is straight from my heart, and from the ever depths within my soul
You are the one who has ever completed me and made me feel whole
I started dreaming some time ago, it really never ends
I can't lie any longer, nor can I still pretend
I'm standing right here in front of you faithfully and with open arms
Knowing full well this could do me a world of harm

But don't tell me it's not worth fighting for
You here, well there's nothing I want or need more
Can't tell me you're not worth dyeing for
Nor can you convince me it's not worth trying for
Can't you see it's me that would fight for you, lie for you, I would die for you
Words can never say exactly just what love can do

Would she do this much and more for you to
Do you even have any kind of clue
You need to see all with her in full hue
Instead looking at things with those rose colored glasses you keep looking through
Just as real as when you see flowers covered in the early mornings dew
My being in love with you, in everything I do and feel is forever true