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Love Poem: Everything Isn't Okay
Ozzy Lewsader Avatar
Written by: Ozzy Lewsader

Everything Isn't Okay

Everyone says everything will be okay 

But I know nothing is okay nothing is right 

The pain is killing me each second 

Kill me it hurts so much 

Give me more drugs 

Make the pain go away 

Help me Help me from dying 

Help me from the pain 

Put me out of this world of hurt 

Everything is going so cold 

Nothing is the same 

Everything is turning black 

I can't see you no more It's so cold in here help me 

My soul is going away 

The pain is going away 

Where am I going 

What is happening to me 

Everyone lied to me nothing is okay 

I'm dying 

No one knows why 

I don't want to die 

I wanna stay here with you 

Someone help me please 

Save me 

Save my life from this cold death 


I'm yelling out but no one can hear me 


Can anyone hear me? 

Can anyone see me? 

Where is everyone? 

Why is everyone crying? 

Why is everyone dressed in black? 

Why are my parents on the ground? 

Why is my boyfriend carrying casket? 

Who is in the casket? 

Why is there music playing? 

Where am I? 

What happen to me? 

Did I die? 

Please tell me I'm not gone 

Their putting me in the ground 

All I see is people crying 

Help me I don't want to leave 

I see everyone putting flowers on my grave 

I see everyone getting into their cars and driving away 

One year later 

Everyone is happy 

Everyone is smiling 

They look like they don't miss me 

I wonder if they can hear me say hi 

I wonder if they know I'm here 

I wonder if he has moved on 

I wonder if he's happy 

I wonder if he misses me