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Love Poem: Everything In Me
Lisa Mook Avatar
Written by: Lisa Mook

Everything In Me

Like the breezes that blow 
Carrying the wings of a butterfly 
The softness with each touch 
The innocence in your eye 

You've held me close 
In the chill of the night 
You've won the battles 
I could never fight 

Like the water-stained wood 
Around the cracked window 
You hold secrets and stories 
Most never will know 

The butterfly kisses 
In which I receive 
Remind me of the love 
The force of belief 

The care you show me 
Gives me delight 
The shelter  you are 
Conquers all of my fright 

We've said the things 
We thought we never would 
We've climbed the mountains 
We never thought we could 

We've shared our souls 
We've given our hearts 
There's no broken pieces 
Just replaced parts 

I close these emotions 
With the words well meant 
For with you I'll be 
For all my life spent 

I'll be your sunshine 
On clouds of gray 
I'll be there to welcome 
Each coming day 

In need of encouragement 
Right there I'll stand 
Whenever you fall 
Right here's a hand 

In need of a shoulder 
For tears to fall upon 
Mine will be waiting 
Among open arms 

Whenever you're lost 
Just follow my voice 
Whether you listen to my words 
That is your choice 

But do listen to these 
In whatever you do 
For Mr. Golden Sunshine 
I'm in love with you