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Love Poem: Everything I'll do
mark phen Avatar
Written by: mark phen

Everything I'll do

I'm not lying, yeah I was scared,
To face the world alone I never dared.
I'm not a saint, neither an angel,
for I dreaded an emptiness I cant tell.
Like a soothing breeze you came along,
Showing me where I truely belong.
I let myself bleed to know that I'm alive,
To live life this way, I had to strive.
You transformed me from my ugly insides,
Into a beauty no longer criticized.
I'll be that saint or an angel for you,
To show you my love everything i'll do.
I never walked, for I would fall,
Scared no one would hear my call.
I ran away, was never bold,
I always wanted something to hold.
I know I can never be there for you the way you are for me,
But as long as I breathe, happiness is what u'll always see.