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Love Poem: Everything I wished for
Megan Huntington Avatar
Written by: Megan Huntington

Everything I wished for

You are everything I wished for,
I couldn’t ask for more,
You are so good to me,
and in return you will always have my loyalty,
I love how you can always make me smile,
its makes me want to stay for a while,
You give me unconditional love and honesty,

In my eyes you will always be handsome and strong,
no matter what people may say,
I know your love for me is pure and true,
You are my one and only,
I have a strong desire to be with you and only you,
I appreciate everything you do,
You’re love will never leave me feeling lonly,

You are the most amazing guy I have ever met,
and better yet,
I love the way you say "I love you" with out speaking,
I wouldn’t dare ask for anything more if i were givin the chance,
You are everything i wished for, 
and much more.
Copyright ©2009 MeganHuntington