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Love Poem: Everything I Thought I Forgot
Jason Schatz Avatar
Written by: Jason Schatz

Everything I Thought I Forgot

So nervous, like never before
Remember to feel every kiss
Let my fingertips reminisce
And wonder all over everything I thought I forgot
Your soft neck
Your soft chest
Inhaling delicately
Exhaling carefully
Not to disrupt a single goosebump
Eyes tight, holding on as long as I can
Your touch leaves me hanging from a cliff by my pinky
And now, I can not breathe
Trying so hard to breathe
I begin to make out with your sweetest spot
Like kissing you for the first time
Remembering everything I thought I forgot
Slow circles
Slow, slow circles
Getting lost in heaven's little wonder
Wishing and begging and pleading
Finally, I open my eyes
And realize you're still leaving