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Love Poem: Everything I Love
Kristen Wilson Avatar
Written by: Kristen Wilson

Everything I Love

I love how the ocean builds and foams
Then crashes over nothing but air
Maybe with a purpose, and maybe not
All I know is that it's there.
I love to feel the wind
As a salty breeze ripples around me
I love to look at the horizon
And let everything melt, and just be.
I love to gaze off into the distances
Thinking of nothing but dreams
My mind cruises o'er the broad Savannah
Through the trickling streams.
I love to hear someone singing
With the Southern twang of their voice
I love to sit down in a chair and write
Or read anything of my choice.
I love to hear train whistles
And stare up at the clouds
I love to watch the sunrise
And see the flowers sprout.
I love to get little chills
When i read something deep
I love to hear classical piano
As it lulls me to sleep.
I love to smile and laugh
Dress up special with high heels
I love to dream dreams I can make come true
And live with all ideals.
I love to think and learn
And unreel true emotions
I like to find the real reasons
Why hearts can be as big as oceans.
Every single thing I love
Is wrapped up in a package called "me"
All you do is pull off the bow
And maybe then, you will see.