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Love Poem: Everything He Created
Kenneth Davis Avatar
Written by: Kenneth Davis

Everything He Created

Everything He Created by Kenny Davis


She is not only everything I want,

But she's everything I'm not

She's everything missing and lacking from me

Everything I could ever possibly need


The hold God had over my life

In his blessing, I thought he gave me his best

Until the moment when he blessed her into my life

Saying, "You haven't seen anything yet!"


With everything he has created

Baring witness to his many marvelous works

All of which paled in comparison

When I saw his love personified in this girl


To be blessed to be in the essence of her presence

Of the light of her beauty, I'm made to stand in awe

Seeing the very best God can do in creating such a woman

All that she is, never fails to drop my jaw


Hope to be worthy of such an angel on earth

Sent to be by that who is my savior

Blessed would I, to be the man by her side

Evidence that I would be rightly, divinely favored


God had a plan for her just for me

Ever since the very moment of her birth

Like Adam and Eve, took a rib to create her for me

So I would be blessed to know what Heaven is like on earth


I've always envisioned who had for me

Never really knowing what he had in store

He has made her with everything he needed her to be for this world

Everything I could ever dream, imagine, hope for and so much more


I know what I want in a woman, a love

That's everything God has made her to be

Grafted and crafted by his hands alone

Everything God has made her to be especially for me.


© December 2014 k.davis