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Love Poem: Everything Changed
Steven McMorrow Avatar
Written by: Steven McMorrow

Everything Changed

Just another dream, for I awake.
Nothing is ever what it would seem, it's all just fake.
This feel's surreal, I feel so numb.
My affliction's cannot heal, for my heart will succumb.
You took my heart, you killed it slow.
Why did this start, I don't know!
All these things I hate, surround my being.
If our love is so great, why am I fleeing?
I try to find a safe place, where I can hide.
These memories I cannot erase, for I have died. 
Fists start to fly, now I see your scars.
Say goodbye, for your seeing stars.
I loved you, but you hurt me bad!
Now that we're through, are you glad?
Everything changed, now I know it's true.
Am I deranged, for I hate you.
Wait, there's no excuse.
Hate, I feel your abuse.
Great, I feel the noose.
Fate, will do all but cut me loose.
Look into my eyes, what do you see?
Say your last goodbye's, for your killing me.
Holding onto you, to keep from falling.
Yet I know I'm through, when you don't hear me calling.