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Love Poem: Everything But Wings
Moses Haven Avatar
Written by: Moses Haven

Everything But Wings

She sings hymths when songs get old
Telling secrets of things untold
Holding on where I lose my grip
Standing firm where others slip

In her arms there are no tears
Within each breath there are many prayers
A prayer of thoughts to forget me never
A prayer of hope to stay together

She cast no blame where others do
She keeps no tally of things not true
She sees the end when my path seems blocked
She steps in line when others mock

She embraces my wrong and cast no blame
When others left she ran an came
She chose to watch while I was asleep
She held me back when I thought I should leap

She took all my wrongs and buried them deep
Hiding those things that others keep
She’s perfect in sight with all that she brings
She is my angel; with Everything But Wings.