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Love Poem: Everything and Nothing
Debbie Knapp Avatar
Written by: Debbie Knapp

Everything and Nothing

Everything and Nothing
A life of riley one would say. I bet you have everything and nothing to want. You have it made, you’re so lucky, no worries or cares, your bills all paid. You don’t even have to work; I don’t know why you do! 
Must be nice having it all handed to you. How did you get so lucky? I bet you buy whatever you want whenever you want. If you want something I bet you just have him get it for you or buy it yourself. 
Sure it must be nice having everything. No care, no worries, what do you think? A life of riley this is not. Nothings free and worries there always are. Lucky you say but how do you know? What is handed to me, what bills are paid you think to know.
I don’t have to work yet here I am! You collect money for things all the while I tell you I am over my budget. Being so lucky, having no bills or worries; have you thought this budget through? What about that credit card I need to get paid off! Yes an extra day of work will help with that yet lucky you say I am.
 You say I have everything, must be nice. My home is beautiful indeed. A gated community with guards at all times. Ground keepers manicure the yard and a house keeper inside as well. A car you would love to have. At what price and how much of your life would you give? Others judge you thinking they know all there is to know.
How much do you spend, you do have a budget regardless what they think. You work because you need too. The house what can you afford to buy for it? The house keeper takes up money and you have learned to think in dollars! The cute car, the one they would love to have who picked it? Things aren’t always what they seem!
Sometimes you can have everything and nothing at all.                                              ~Debbie Knapp