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Love Poem: Everything according to Yours
Toquyen Harrell Avatar
Written by: Toquyen Harrell

Everything according to Yours

We can’t do anything that You don’t want us to
That is your will for us
That is what You ordained from the beginning of time
We may go through trials
But everything we go through is to glorify You
To bring fame, splendor to the One who creates it all 
We may complain, be hurt, and get angry
But God You know it all
We can’t change it even if we want it to
You put in our heart desires, wishes
Things that we want
That is because You put them there
You do that for each person
As each of us is unique
And You love us the same 
You have a plan for each of us
And only You will do
But we will rest in You
As You are the only One who can carry it out
You will make it happen 
Occur according to Your design
You – are the perfect One
Are the Only One
You cannot fail
You engineer everything from the beginning
From start to finish
From alpha to omega
Everything according to Your perfect will for us
That is what You are 
You do everything for us
We don’t even have to ask You
Except love You
We love You and that is what You ask of us
To be the son, daughter that You want us to be
So rest now
We will 
Into Your hands
Our love, life, faith, will
Love You God
Your spirit
With us
What an amazing concept
What else You thought of? 
What didn’t You think of?