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Love Poem: Everything about you
kasim ishmael Avatar
Written by: kasim ishmael

Everything about you

Just a few months ago
I never really knew you
And when we spoke to each other
Our words were very few

You were just another friend
In the “share your feeling” room
And seeing you there everyday
Our friendship began to bloom

And we had a lot in common
Like the same favorite colors
Cutting out the tags from our cloths
And the fragrance of jasmines flowers

And every night I would lie in bed
Thinking of our conversations
About foods, music, yoga, world hunger
And the hypocrisy of the United Nations

The destruction of the rainforest
How you want to get people to recycle
And volunteer your time to help
The unfortunate over come their obstacles

Your wisdom and understanding
And the cool mature way that you think
It’s like you are the fountain of knowledge
From which I’ve always longed to take a drink

For Every little thing about you
Have me completely amazed
And when I’m talking to you
The negatives in my mind are erased

I have fallen so in love with you
And today I will have to let you know
Then you smile and said you love me to
And the power of love began to glow

And my heart began to race
Like the beating of a rhyme drum
And my mind become intoxicate
Like if I drink a bottle of Bacardi rum

And the book of love opens in heaven
And the passion sets fire to my soul
And love started to rain down on us
As the mystery of true love unfold

The magic of love has taken over
And two hearts has now become one
And like a tree planted by the river of waters
The seed of our happiness has been sewn

And every moment we spend together
The stronger our love has grown
Touching our lives, and our souls forever
With the things we shared and learn