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Love Poem: Everything
Vee Bdosa Avatar
Written by: Vee Bdosa


She whispers your name so your heart will hear
it's late in the night and she comes so near
you touch and you know this is life made clear
and then she brings you everything.

She smiles at the dawn and her smile's for you
then turns to her day, and it's all yours, too
and each little thing she will ever do
is just to bring you everything.

Her eyes brighten up and she looks so deep
it raises your soul though it's fast asleep
and you bless the day she was yours to keep
and what you have is everything.

The silence you share is your time to show
she's all you have wished or will ever know
her love is with you everywhere you go
each thought of her is everything.

She slides to your lap--whispers I love you
she's all that you feel and it's love come true
you tell her the same; and she always knew
that she would be your everything.

© Vee Bdosa the Dpu;estpwm {pet