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Love Poem: everything
Scott Thompson Avatar
Written by: Scott Thompson


Every night I lay awake, praying my soul the lord will take.

Every night I want someone to hold but every night is so damn cold.

Every day, I see them pass. And every time not a single glance.

Everyone just walks on by, and every time I want to cry.

Every piece of every heart. Is the forever reason I fall apart.

And every breath, is the sound of death. And every night I get no rest.

Every time I see a light. It turns out to bring up fright.

Every flaw, is not my fault. But every cry is my first thought.

Because every time, I see a chance. It's turns out that I can't dance.

Every love has shown not to be. Because everyone can't understand me.

Every judgement makes my life vain. And all this time it's been the same.

Every thought is a loss for words. As every soul less game is where it hurts.

Every belief for some thing new. Seems to die because of you.

And every cry goes unheard. As my vocal cords cant form the words.

Every scream is a silent ache. Because everyday I seem to break.

Every inch of my life's road. Has told a story that's growing old.

Every door is a dead end, as every crush becomes just friend