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reagan musore Avatar
Written by: reagan musore


A thing everyone falls a victim,
The old,young,sick and disabled,
Find themselves in love with,
May be in love with the song,rhythm or the flow,
Sometimes may not understand the language,
But still fall in love with the song.

Some people even get to that extent,
Of grasping the song just as it is,
Miming it to some extent,
Though some just fall in love with the song,
With less capacity of miming it,
Some times you just fall i love with the rhythm,
That shows true passion,
You find yourself possessing towards the song.

However it's one in a million,
On this planet earth that don't have passion for music,
It may be pop,hip hop,reggae,RnB or dance hall,
But you can't fail to fall in one of those or even the many others,
Some people especially Christians,
Fall in love with gospel songs,
All in the end everyone falls a victim,
I wonder who invented music.

Written by; Reagan Musore