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Love Poem: Everyone Love Everyone
Evan Perkins Avatar
Written by: Evan Perkins

Everyone Love Everyone

There is so much hatred here on earth
For we don’t treat people for what theyre worth
Our words have so much power
We can tear people down or build them up like a tower
We bring people down for our personal gain
We think we win when we bring them shame
Instead of shame, how bout we bring love
Let’s show people a reflection of our Father above
Let’s show that we’re different, we’re not the same
For we’re not living for ourselves, but to bring glory to His name
Because of this they may knock us down and spit in our face
Instead of hating them back, let’s show them some grace
We can think we deserve better, that life isn’t fair
But if life was fair, we would all be in hell full of despair
We think we don’t deserve all this pain
But if we suffer here on earth, how much more in heaven we will gain!
Even Jesus suffered in his human state
So lets take his attitude, and after him lets imitate
He didn’t hat back, for he knew that God is just
He didn’t put things into his own hands, he gave God his trust
Even though they hurled insults on Him
He still came and died for all of their sin
He gave us the perfect example of how to forgive
So lets take it and apply it to how we live
So no matter what people do to us
We need to show them the love and grace of our savior Jesus
When we hate back, what do we gain?
All of what Jesus did will go in vain
So lets follow him and all of his ways
And bring glory to him the rest of our days
And if we do this, we will discover
That life is so much better when we all love one another