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Love Poem: Everyone is an immigrant
richard  nnoli Avatar
Written by: richard nnoli

Everyone is an immigrant

Everyone is an immigrant 
We all are human 
I guess we belong 
On this planet 
Called earth 

We all are human 
Born by a woman 
As she pure her
flesh blood on 
Each of our heads 
So we are here 
Not as an alien 
But citizens of the world 

We all are human 
We all share same air
I guess non of us 
Breaths in nothing else
We feed on plants for food
We drink clean waters 
The world was design 
For our good 
Hope it still does now

We all are human 
And non is an alien
If the earth is human 
Place for a planet 
Then i tell you non 
Is an immigrant 
If there is then 
Is all of us 

We all are human 
Sharing this round world 
Together in different ways 
As we differs in our ways 
So was human who 
Created banderies 
By forming teroteries 
Called countries as we 
Know today
Is sure and true 
Our forefathers 
Where one family 
From same place 
I really hope the world 
Understands this

We are all human
Not an alien 
To be killed or devalued
By our selves 
The world is too large
For every one 
So we are to live 
And settle peacefully 
Where ever it pleases
Who ever
Yet the reality today 
Dont and never 
Aprove so 
If you think other people 
Around you are immigrant 
Dont forget you are same too
Cos you cant carry the land 
Or could you carry your houses else where 
When ever you travel 
You must step on someone's 
The land of our one mother 
In this earth non is a foreigner 
And if there should be one 
I have never seen 
Apart from the aliens unseen 
So on the quest of fighting 
Remember our forefathers 
Are from one source 
As it simplifies non is an 
If there is to be one 
Then the truth is 
Everyone is an immigrant