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Love Poem: everyday Not the same without you
Sky Merzon Avatar
Written by: Sky Merzon

everyday Not the same without you

Every Beat in my heart keep beating for us all The tears in side of me still crying for us
im mess up in head because of you all scare you give me within side of my heart i still bleeding because of are friendship and or Love Turn to black shadow demon inside of me
i be screaming my heart out for you when my chest bleeds its the feeling in side my heart everyday your in my dreams name written in stars and i know you and i be with each other inside my heart when i saw you the first time something change deep down inside of me when i with you i have deal with the pain Do you remembers the days anything cant last forever i wish i can bring it back take it back you mean world to me screaming I LOVE YOU im alone everyday dealing with this i screaming Bleeding heart brokennnn You mean so much to me.and You cant even see .