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Love Poem: Everybodys Baby
Wanda Daugherty Avatar
Written by: Wanda Daugherty

Everybodys Baby

Everybody's Baby

She was everybody's baby;
Oh it made her proud! 
She had ruby lips and platinum hair;
She was  bold and she was loud.

She was everybody's baby, 
She was everybody's pal;
Boy, she was something!
She was everybody's gal!

She was young and she was pretty;
She had clever things to say. 
The world was her dolly, 
And she went out to play!

She was everybody's baby;
That nobody would keep.
Then at last she realized
She'd sold her stock to cheap.

Time is a cruel Master;
And the Devil has his Due.
Death comes to everybody;
And some day He'll come for you.

She laughed all our warnings,
And scoffed at gentle ladies;
But there came a time she cursed the day,
She was everybody's baby.