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Love Poem: Every Word Is A Mask
Rightly Jennings Avatar
Written by: Rightly Jennings

Every Word Is A Mask

I haven't written anything for a while
I really need a blues-rocker for an ep I have planned. 
The music is pretty much already there with it being blues/rock. 
Written while nervously hungover. I suppose it comes from a dark place... Enjoy.  

Nietzsche helped me out with those last two lines, which are, of course, reoccurring. 

Feedback appreciated. 


Every Word Is A Mask

I cannot part the sea, or even turn the tides
I know you will not listen to me with my history of lies
let the valleys hold my tears
should the mountain prick my eyes

I think it should be said, we could have stolen more
modesty was never validated, not now n' ne'er before
avarice, tried and tested
tartuffery has no allure

should Miss Andre get married?
we should have taken more

opinions are hideouts, ev'ry word is a mask
'does not belong to me, I disown it, insist n' I will retract
take back the love that was lent
salvation is under attack

opinions are hideouts and
every word is a mask