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Love Poem: Every Trait
M. E. Hathcock Avatar
Written by: M. E. Hathcock

Every Trait

Looking up at the sky so blue
Gentle breeze carries the scent of you
Nose fills with your sweet smell
Look around but to no avail
Just a cruel memory that i can't forget
Broken pieces that haven't been swept out 
Teases the heart like dangling a rodent I'm 
front of a snake
Why were those choices at the time so 
easy to make
So brash and unplanned our fate was 
Moments in my head so still seem to be 
Our separate ways we went but we are 
forever bound together in this life
The three lives we created are still here 
even through the strife
The beauty of our love that was once so 
I love them and cherish them for they 
share with you what feels like every trait