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Love Poem: Every Time I'm Around You
Bo Lanier Avatar
Written by: Bo Lanier

Every Time I'm Around You

Well I can just imagine being your one and only and spending the rest of my life with you baby I can see it all so clearly in my mind in some magic place in time but you don't even notice me I'm just like a ghost you seem to see through every time you gaze my way what in the world would it take to make you love me 'cuz Every time I'm Around You I just wanna reach out and touch your face...I just wanna reach out and kiss you but it never ever seems to be the right time or place so I never do…I wonder if I'll ever get to 'cuz I'm just so crazy 'bout could you not know when you can't hide a fire in the dark, how can you not hear the beating of my heart every time, Every Time I'm Around You!