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Love Poem: Every Time I Lose Your Love
Brian Johnston Avatar
Written by: Brian Johnston

Every Time I Lose Your Love

Every time I lose your love,
Every time eyes open to dreams
That can't corral your quiet flame,
The silent corners of what’s real
Wash out, their angularity softens
As before a clear night sky
That has no moon or stars...
Still infinity surrounds me
Feels as close as my own heart beat,
Its darkness surprisingly light.

In this space the hum of fireflies
Becomes an almost tactile force,
(Possibly the sound of your breath beside me?)
And so much softer than a fan knifing air,
Almost like gnats trapped in your ear.

So lost am I in my “little death” that
The fireflies’ extinguished flash
Is really the only warmth
That calls me back to hope that
The sun will rise again.

But I suspect that all dark dreams must turn
At last to song, where petals
Touch is anticipated with joy,
Rainfall’s coolness floats God’s ark of souls,
And His promise shines in a rainbow...
For always when my dreaming ends,
I wake to find you there!

Brian Johnston
February 23, 2016