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Love Poem: Every time I close my eyes
Saniya Galeyeva Avatar
Written by: Saniya Galeyeva

Every time I close my eyes

Every time I close my eyes
I see your dear face.
Only God knows
How much I miss you.
Only God knows how much
I want to see your smile again.
Your smile is like sunshine
Which used to make me happy
And kept me warm.
Every time I think of you
I want you to be beside me.
I want to be beside you.
But it will never happen.
You will never come.
You will never knock at my door.
You’ll never embrace my shoulders.
You are like a star,
A far star which I cannot reach.
Why haven’t we met before?
Why haven’t we seen each other before?
Only God knows
How much I regret
That we are so terribly late.
I do not regret I know you.
But you will always be my dream
Which will never come true.
You came into my heart
But you won’t come into my life.
On this earth there is no even a small path 
Which could unite us.
There is only a wind outside my window
And I whispered “I love you” to it
Being aware it won’t let you hear this silly phrase.