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Love Poem: Every Time
Kristen Wilson Avatar
Written by: Kristen Wilson

Every Time

Every time I see the sun, 
I think of the smiles you have left in my heart.
I think of all the laughter you shared with me,
I think of every time you made me grin.
Every time I hear that song,
I remember us singing softly together.
I remember us dancing together,
I remember us learning the piano chords.
Every time I see your picture,
I look back on our months together.
I look back on the times we laughed and cried.
I look back on the times we fought and made up.
Every time I love someone else,
I think of your face.
I think of your laughter and smiles.
I think of your ease and loving qualities.
Every time I think of you,
I remind myself that this had to be.
I remind myself that we tried over and over,
I remind myself that I'm better alone again.
And every time,
I cry.