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Love Poem: Every time
Rachele Taylor Avatar
Written by: Rachele Taylor

Every time

In every waking moment,
In every breaking tear,
I wish I never met you,
I pray that you were here.

In every time of trouble,
In every time of need,
I wish you to be a knight,
And rescue me on your stead.

In every glimpse of madness,
In every roar of rage,
I see you as an lowly actor,
I want to beat you off the stage.

In every time of sorrow,
In every time of pain,
I remember that night,
And kissing in the rain.

In every happy moment,
In every sign of joy,
I think of old times,
What could've been a girl or boy.

I see you with her,
All emotions begin to boil.
Every time I hear of you,
My soul is in toil.

Every time I try
To move on just like you,
I freeze and second guess,
"What if he does what you do?"