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Love Poem: Every time, it's only you Kanha
Varsha Viswanath Avatar
Written by: Varsha Viswanath

Every time, it's only you Kanha

Every time I close my eyes,
I see you showering me with love from the skies.
Every time my heart beats,
I know it's because of you,
Cause I can feel that rhythm of music from your flute,
Which brings me closer to you through our secret route.

Every time I let myself loose,
As you can deduce,
All I can hear is your name humming in my ears,
And giving me the strength to let go of my fears.

The peacock feather that adorns you,
Fills me up with the colors of life that you threw.
Those java green and iridescent blue,
Seasoned my soul with goodness as I grew.

O Kanha,
You light me up in the dark,
And ignite my untamed heart with sparks.
You fill my cracks with laughter,
And forever will you be my drafter.