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Love Poem: Every Reason Why
Nadia Lelutiu Avatar
Written by: Nadia Lelutiu

Every Reason Why

Was it you that I sensed in the distance
as I stood in the dark looking up at the stars?
Veraciously believing that you existed,
still having no clue who you really are.
Faces reminded me of what I was seeking
though they didn't hold the spirit of the one I will love.
Fumbling and falling, suffering, resisting
Doubting that you truly exist after all.

Then, suddenly the pieces fit altogether and 
grayness slowly dissolved off the past.
A history with meaning, yet lacking a purpose began
to illuminate the reasons it's had.

Every lesson, every heart ache, every passion 
has led me to you.
Every moment through years of anguish was worth it because
it's helped me know you.
Every day spent recoiling, emerging, into and out of 
confusion and pain.
Straining to come to some understanding.
Grasping at truth while it jumped out the way.

Every instance of my existence now shines before me 
in a different light.
Since every piece came to fruition
so that I could recognize you in this life.