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Love Poem: Every Question I Could Ask
Jeff Green Avatar
Written by: Jeff Green

Every Question I Could Ask

Will you walk with me to morning hold me tight beneath the Moon;
Will you kiss me over breakfast and not stop till after noon;
Will you read throughout the evening, curled up comfy on my knee;
Will you always be my lover, be my heart, my poetry?

When I give you all tomorrow, will you dance away today;
When there's love I need to borrow, will you lean across and say
"All I have is yours forever", for I'd say the same to you?
You're the reason for the sunshine, you are why the sky is blue.

Can I live instead of dying as a sparkle in your eyes;
Can I shine on all your night times as the starlight in your skies,
Can I be the only answer to the questions that you ask
And the only one who sees you when you drop your secret mask?

If I never taste your kisses I shall never seek an end
Since I cannot see a finish till I've held you as a friend
As my muse and hidden lover as my everything and more
Will you be the only mermaid I can worship and adore