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Love Poem: Every Now and Then
Nancy Jones Avatar
Written by: Nancy Jones

Every Now and Then

She has her moments 
of blissfully naked self-revelation 
entirely safe. Fear and doubt have no meaning 
her fullness and loveliness, grace and perfection 
beaming unhindered through infinite space 
absorbed in joy, reflected as love.

She falls in love. 
The pleasures of hours pass like mere moments 
sighs of contentment expand empty space 
oozing with wonder at sheer revelation 
of made-for-eachotherness, soul-mate perfection 
ripe sensuality, rich primal meaning.

She searches for meaning 
confused by words that speak nothing of love 
desperately scrubs to restore to perfection 
an ego-free union of life in the moment 
she struggles to unearth a new revelation 
oblivious to needing some space.

She ponders dark space 
devoid of all meaning 
no revelation 
no love 
bereft moments 
blind to perfection.

She senses perfection 
pervading the intimate vastness of space 
silently, patiently buffering the moments 
who clamor and bargain and wrestle for meaning 
heedless of ludicrous contexts of love 
with cunning they seek to prevent revelation.

She receives revelation 
willing at last to accept her perfection 
of pure bright mysterious trembling love 
existing in all points of time and of space 
“thou art god, god art thou” finally has meaning 
eternity no longer parsed into moments.

Transformed by revelation, at home in space, 
birthmarks of perfection, saturated with meaning 
breathing and pulsing the rhythms of love.  She has her moments.