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Love Poem: Every Night I Dream Of You by Rey
Reynaldo Mast Avatar
Written by: Reynaldo Mast

Every Night I Dream Of You by Rey

As the days are long my nights are short with hopes of dreams of you
The fragrance of the night settles into the cool contort of dew
Light headed I feel ready to pass out to see my new world
I feel the embrace of unity that gathers our souls and spirits
Together we touch in romance of our heart with no doubts
Something grasps my hand to tell me it is OK, because I am here to stay
The promises that is within is always able to leave, but settles
And stays in me with your words that does not make me grieve
Whispers of gentleness that caress my belief, mind, and love
 In my dream I fall so far from grace that your hand grabs me
It holds me up till I can get back on my feet with thee
My life in this dream is all about being with you, with tender heart
I come to seek you every night never asking for more than your words
I seek you in my dream to be blessed in your grace
My hope of elope is just that moment in time, yet pausing forever
This slow emotion that is unknown to me, it tells me your whisper
I love you with every breathe I take, and I will breathe for you 
Every night I dream of you, and I feel you embracing me to heal
I hold you tight no matter what I dream of you every night
My night is short but love is never, I wake up with brightness that show
My eyes open for a moment a vision of you then I smile so
Deep that my childhood expression shows through and through