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Love Poem: Every Night
Nissreen Dagash Avatar
Written by: Nissreen Dagash

Every Night

In a dark room 
Our bodies collide 
Burn in fire 
Indulged in pleasure 
The screaming has never been so wild 
The beginning of the “Yes” 
is the end of the “baby”  
They go together side by side 
But the “baby” is soon to be gone
And a name comes instead 
A strange one bangs my head 
A name repeated again and again 
It’s not me I know 
It’s him…it’s him 
Every night 
I hear you in your sleep
Calling his name 
With so much passion yes indeed
With so much longing mixed up with pain 
The name keeps banging my head 
With no mercy keeps killing my soul
My aching body tosses and turns in bed 
I’m afraid I’m about to fall
And with all these nights that pass us by
Every morning I wake up next to you
I just don’t know the reason why 
I don’t ask for the truth and if I do 
Would you tell me and say you’re sorry?
In that case I will forgive you
Would you make up some story?
I’m sure the silly me will believe you 
It doesn’t matter what you’d do
I will still hear the name every night
And every morning wake up next to you