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Love Poem: Every Night
Stuck  In Sepia Avatar
Written by: Stuck In Sepia

Every Night

Every night she's walking by
And summer days, they seem to fly
There's music in the words of love
This feeling's coming from above

And every day is just the same
I wake up and scream your name
Holding on to helping hands
Building castles in the sand

And they say it never lasts
But don't bring up the bitter past
The coup d'etaits in paradise
Far away from blinding eyes

My head is spinning round and round
But I have never had a doubt
That your affection holds the key
To be or maybe not to be?

But one day clouds will have to part
A glimpse of sun will mark the start
A ray of hope for which I've prayed
Will stop the never-ending rain

Hanging to your every breath
Each silence could mean sudden death
Under the stars of summer's sky
I never want to say goodbye..