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Love Poem: Every Movie ever made
Kian Furnace Avatar
Written by: Kian Furnace

Every Movie ever made

Every Movie ever Made (Hopeful)

The Summer I fell in love with you
Was like a video montage of every movie ever made
part comedy, oh What fun the laughs!
the good times, some of the happiest times I've had 
The good food. what love taste like!
The drinking being intoxicated 
I was making plans on you being my wife
This Romance was compelling!
Everything written in the stars for me
How far this thing could go No tellin?
The dancing, I pray the music never stops!
The love making, until they call the cops!

we saved each other and I could have been knocked over by a feather.
I was just thinking that I wouldn't ever find love again
Just goes to show never say never!
I could be bought for a penny
If I told you this kind of fairy tale did exist
I'm an optimist
I am a realist
She is a ventriloquist 
When she put her hands on me
She put words in my heart.
The lord put us in each others path
Now it's up to us to play our part
Now you do the math,
Let's come into each others world and add!
Let's loose ourselves of baggage
Live out the rest of our lives
Try to salvage,
Together we made a decision to purge; and I do mean all!
We joined hands, took a deep breath although it's summer
we began to Fall!!!!

When the credits run and we make a curtain call, hopefully we look at what this cost, vs the price we paid?
We found love, we will always have history and our very own love story a montage of every movie ever made!