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Love Poem: Every Moment of Every Day
David Moore Avatar
Written by: David Moore

Every Moment of Every Day

Every Moment of Every Day

A heart broken in two is a pain I know very well
It’s like being in prison within a very small cell
The loneliness it brings seems more than you can bear
The pain is so great when your heart starts to tear

There are tears on your pillow when you go to sleep every night
There are hands around your neck and they seem to get tight
You struggle to breathe because your airway feels blocked
As you lie in your misery and spend time watching the clock

Your life has no meaning as that thought comes into view
Your heart begins to pump slowly as it’s ripped all in two
You feel your life’s over and you’ve given all you can give
But I assure you little angel there’s still time to live

The world on is axis she revolves cause of you
Your heart is what gives the skies the color of blue
Your kindness is what gives the warmth to the sun
Your faith can move mountains I’ve only just begun

Your smile and its splendor stops the world on a dime
The softness of your voice can stop the hands of time
The stars get their sparkle from the color of your eyes
Your hugs bring the sunshine but that’s no surprise

Your love is a treasure more precious than gold
Your kisses sweet like chocolate or so I am told
So when the tears start to flow and you can’t see your way
Know I’m there in your heart every moment of every day